Extra courage

Ingrid blogs about life after TB

Ingrid Schoeman scuba diving
While I was on my pre-XDR treatment, I didn't try scuba diving as I knew I was too weak and also, I was scared my lung would burst or something (not very rational fears post-TB =).
Also, the peripheral neuropathy in my feet makes kicking elegantly tricky as I can't feel properly.
I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to try this hobby again (Guinjata Bay Dive Centre is in Mozambique).
I was really inspired when I saw photos of quadriplegics scuba diving there and that gave me extra courage. I think it is important to celebrate that the physical hardship of TB is now over!  

God created the sea so full of life and beauty - it was amazing!
I am so much better and grateful TB is over.
Funny how when you are going through something, you feel like things will never ever get better and then when they are over you wonder - did I really feel thaaaaat bad?