23 March… zero days of TB treatment left!

"Tomorrow, 24 March 2014, I am as free as a bird."

Ingrid Schoeman's toenails, painted to celebrate her final day of treatment for Tuberculosis
As I’m typing this, I have only today’s last dose of Capreomycin, PASER, Moxifloxacin, Ethionamide and Terizidone left.
Tomorrow, 24 March 2014, I am as free as a bird.
Although I will carry on and hopefully wean down the electrolyte replacements, I do not mind drinking them as they don’t have the side-effects of my TB meds. Constant stomach cramps, nausea/vomiting, headaches, general tiredness/weakness and day-to-day counting and planning when to eat with which meal etc is OVER!
I will not miss my routine of the last 2 years, especially the injections!
I can’t wait not to talk, think, and plan anything to do with my treatment. I owe a big thanks to the pharmacy that always assisted us so kindly with my monthly meds! Also, the specialist in hospital was superb.
As I’ve written before, TB changed my whole life. One day you have the life you are used to and the next a lot is changed. My life became very small. No one can prepare you for this.
All glory to Jesus Christ for seeing me through this – He provided me with love and support - my dad, mom and stepdad, my wonderful sisters and my family and friends!
When it was at its worst I felt like it was a wild fire / massive wave that was going to crush me. I’m so thankful it didn’t and that it passed with time. God didn’t allow for it to completely destroy me.
Now I feel excited the first time in months and feel like the sun is shining again. Especially tomorrow- when I don’t have to swallow any yellow pills!