Moving forward
It is now 13 months since I started my treatment.
It is now 13 months since I started my treatment.
My condition and my mood are getting better day by day. I am trying to keep my spirits up all the time. My belief in getting cured and self-confidence are increasing. This is how I explain what is happening to me. For example, let us look at student life. We studied for four years. The first and second years were very hard because there is a difference between school life and institute life. In addition to getting to know the institute’s conditions, we have to learn to follow its rules. The situation totally changed in the third and fourth years, because everything is clear and also you know that graduation is due so you feel confident. It is the same now that half of my treatment period is in the past,  this increases my hope.
Now I have a schedule, which I used to have difficulty following. Doing the housework and listening to my favourite music have great importance now to keep my spirits up. I read my favourite books and those related to my job for an hour. When I started my treatment I did not use to read any books. I used to think that everything will be in its time. But in order to have an interesting time, doing favourite things plays a great role.
I was in hospital for two weeks. I made new friends. There were some patients who were on different periods of treatment among them. Talking to them kept my spirits up. Everybody needs somebody. I forgot my personal and family problems. One day I went out for a walk in the street with one girl who is the same age as me. We sang a Karakalpak traditional song as loud as we could. I felt so relieved afterwards that as if something inside me had gone out. This song which we sang together where there was nobody to hear us had brought us great joy.
Paying attention to the things which I ignored at the beginning of the treatment is a new rule I created for myself:
I understand that one can lose his joy which he is enjoying now looking at the future and the one who is happy with his conditions now can have low interest to the future.

Man never loses if he moves forward with hope and confidence in his future!