New years wishes number 1

For the New Year, after we celebrated Christmas and then the first of January, what I want and what I’m praying to the Lord Jesus for, is for Him to be with me so that I finish the treatment.

For the New Year, after we celebrated Christmas and then the first of January, what I want and what I’m praying to the Lord Jesus for, is for Him to be with me so that I finish the treatment. I hope the days will just keep running, so that I just finish my treatment and then we’ll see what I can do. Really, I am planning a lot, but first of all I put my prayers in the hand of God. Because you can plan but when you don’t put God in your plan it will never succeed, so first of all I put God in all my plans.

The first wish I have for this new year - I want the family to be healthy. Really we have suffered, especially me, but the family have had a lot of problems since 2006. My father, Musa, is now undergoing the treatment for MDR TB.

He is on empirical treatment, because if there are no confirmed MDRTB results, MSF work according to the history of TB in the family and whether one of the members of the family has suffered. So that’s why its not the real MDR TB, but empirical TB treatment. If they give him the normal drugs for TB then he may not get cured.

The empirical treatment is not the same as the MDRTB treatment, because with MDR TB you take injections for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 9 months. With this one they only give injections for 3 months then they stop and continue with the tablets.

I’ve asked the doctor if this means I might get MDR TB again and they say it will depend, but most likely I will not get it again. But, I have to be careful, have to wear a mask… Especially around Musa.

You see, my Dad is not only undergoing one problem. Musa’s problems are many. We know why he developed TB. It was not that he got it from me, but it is a secret. It’s a secret because he has been to find out that he is HIV Positive. Yes, he’s been HIV Positive for a long time. The family were well aware of that, we were aware of it before even my sickness, we have been telling him, go and test, go and test, so that you find out because we already knew. He was not a stable man, he has been moving up and down with ladies.

So we have been telling him, because he used to fall sick, every now and again and his body was just growing thin. Because my father was a big man but his body was growing thin, just becoming weaker and weaker. So what made him to develop TB? His body immunity was very low.

So, that is the first thing, it made him develop TB. Then secondly, he has fallen and he broken his leg. So he has two difficult conditions and now I am supporting him. We are seeing a lot of improvement, so he’s happy and he likes me and he loves me

Because when there is something that pains him or is not looking good to him, he calls me. When I go, he tells me a lot of secrets. If I had not been advising him, he would not even have accepted the treatment and he would have died now. So I’ve been advising him as well as my own sisters and relatives. Before, he would not even accept our advice and sometimes I would quarrel with him because he didn’t want to change. I’m so happy that last time he called me, he said, ‘my daughter I’ve accepted everything now, can you go for me and open my file?’ He’d already tested and the result was written there when I went to the government hospital and opened his file. At this time he started the treatment.

In September I told MSF when they brought me treatment that my dad was not in all that good condition. I took them through the ABCDs and they accepted to help him, to see what they could do for him. It was very tough - he don’t want say anything, to be open to them. My father is a very complicated man. MSF did a lot of things - bringing the district L official and the government hospital official to talk with him. That’s when he accepted everything and decided to be open and to tell everything.

Before, he just wanted to die. Thanks to what I’ve done, you can see him lively like this. He should finish the treatment period they have assigned to him. I hope he will do that. He’s not difficult like before - he’s now friendly to them, to everyone! Last time he called me, he said, ‘my daughter i have accepted everything. What i want them to do is to go and sort out my sick leave’. And they have even done that. He has been granted 8 months sick leave. He will zoom back to his field next year around May!