New years wishes 2 and 3

Okay so first of all I have said I am praying for the health of the family. Secondly, I want to go back to school. There’s nothing I have to do immediately after this treatment except to go back to school and finish this diploma in agriculture. Thirdly – the thing which has worried me most - is financial stability. It is the one which will stop me going back to school. The application form people will be getting my application and after that, in May, I will go and prep. Then after I finish that, I will go back to the village to dig.

I want to go and dig because I have seen my family become very weak. My father has been supporting the family, and now he is not doing anything. The family is relying on his salary and you know the salary of teachers is very low and we are struggling. A number of us will be going for our education then the second of us will be going to university next year and then I will also go to university next year.

When I researched, in 2009, the amount I needed to complete my diploma was three million. Now, because of inflation in Uganda, transport, pocket money and everything, that is around five million!

So the little my father is getting will not be enough for three of us, all relying on that small money.

It is also very difficult for a student to get the government sponsorship because Uganda is corrupt. To succeed in this, you have to pay the principle or registrant some money. You need the money to pay 500,000 to get you government scholarship and it’s not easy. Where do you get that 500,000? It has to be given or else you won’t get sponsorship, so most of the students in Uganda go for private sponsorship. Even though you have good papers and you do the best you can, you will not succeed. That’s why people cannot afford the education. That’s how Uganda is going.

So I want to gain a diploma in Agriculture. Today, if you don’t have a certificate, they don’t employ you. Most of the job adverts come ask for the minimum of a diploma - a diploma in agriculture, a diploma in something… So when you don’t have that paper or that certificate or working experience… Because that is also a problem - if you have certificate then make sure you been busy in the field for at least two years and you have enough recommendations from different organisations.

In my case you have seen what has happened, I finished my certificate in 2008, with a lot of difficulty, because the TB was already disturbing me in 2006. I was studying just weekly like that and managed to finish my certificate. Then in 2009, I was supposed to join my diploma. I fell sick in 2009 and I did not work or go to school. I was at home being sick until now. So I don’t have working experience, so what should I do? I must go back to school and gain more knowledge so that I am refreshed and can get back to the field of my profession. That’s what I must do.