I'm Cristiana, an MSF Surgeon

Hi. My name is Cristiana. I'm a general surgeon here in the States who, over the past two years, has had the amazing privilege (or maybe just an insane inclination) to complete three assignments in the field with MSF.

When I saw that a Refugee Camp in the Heart of the City would be taking place in San Francisco, I figured, "Hey, sounds like fun. I'd be happy to help." Minor problem though - I may have been out to the field on five missions, but never once have I set foot in a refugee camp. After all, I'm just a surgeon. We usually spend our time holed up in an operating room or a hospital ward, or trying to catch a nap under the mosquito net.

What's someone like me going to be able to offer at this event? I mean, what the heck do I know about an IDP camp? Well...just like everyone else, I've come to the Refugee Camp exhibit to learn.