Six stories from our teams on the ground - June 2022

This month's highlights from the Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) blog

"I wanted to give something back": My journey from child refugee to MSF staff


Refugee children play football in the dust
Children playing in Bidibidi camp, Uganda, 2017

Because without MSF, maybe I’d be dead. Like my brothers, like my cousins, like all the people who didn’t make it...

Moses Soro is an MSF finance & HR manager based in the UK. He shares his story, from escaping conflict to finding safety and fulfilling his life-long ambition.


Tuberculosis in Kenya: Martha's journey

Martha was one of our long-stay patients, and now, five months on, she represents one of the success stories for MSF...

Doctor Sayontonee Ghosh arrived at Homa Bay Hospital the same day as a critically ill patient with who she would soon form a bond


Haiti: “She has been rushed here, barely alive”


Federica doing a surgery

This violence would have claimed Mirlande’s life today had she not been rushed to the operating theatre…

Armed violence plagues areas of Haiti’s capital city. When a little girl is shot, her family and the MSF team must race to save her life. Surgeon Federica Iezzi shares the story…


How peer educators are changing lives in Mozambique

Without a peer educator, it’s very hard to know who is at risk in the community. It's complicated, but I help a lot of people. Sometimes I can't believe I'm that person!

Stigmatised people like sex workers often find it hard to access medical care, which can have serious consequences. That's where peer educators come in. As community members they build trust and offer support, empowering people to take control of their health. Peer educator Domingas shares her story...


Afghanistan: Strength and kindness on the maternity ward


A midwife holds a baby in the maternity ward

I am very proud of her and in awe of her strength – which without doubt she will teach her little daughter as well...

Gynaecologist Katharina Thies introduces some of the patients at Khost maternity hospital, as they face tragedy and joy together...


Sierra Leone: My life as an MSF epidemiologist


Louis Bahina Essengue stands in front of the maternity unit in Kenema Hospital

Whilst I often work “behind the scenes”, improving patient care and outcomes is at the heart of everything that I do...

Epidemiologists are key members of the MSF team, using their analytical skills to understand how diseases are spreading and where medical teams can make the most difference. Louis Bahina Essengue takes us behind the scenes...