Four stories that take you inside life with Doctors Without Borders - October 2019

In crises around the world, our teams are working together to save lives. This month, we meet four of them. From Nigeria to South Sudan, they share their stories to bring you closer to life in the team...

1. "This is why we are here": The race to save a life in South Sudan


Nyame, a patient at MSF's hospital in Old Fangak
"Nyame", a patient at MSF's hospital in Old Fangak

As the sun starts to set, we hear the most amazing news...

In remote Old Fangak, a woman is in desperate need of medical treatment. But with no surgical facilities nearby and the runway out of action, time is running out. As the team work through the night to keep the woman alive, their options are dwindling. Dr Tom Niccol shares this incredibly tense story of determination and hope...




2. The difference between life and death: A dramatic delivery in DRC


An MSF midwife examines a pregnant woman in DRC
An MSF midwife examines a pregnant woman in DRC

A little slip of a baby girl is born breech without any complications. But, sure enough, there’s a twin behind her still waiting to be born...

At Walikale hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a woman is in labour. Midwife Claire and her team are ready, but things are not as simple as they seem. As the atmosphere in the delivery room shifts into emergency mode, the team must make some quick decisions to save a tiny life...




3. “We’re fighting to save two babies. Then they bring in a third…”


Martina at work
Nurse Martina at work in Nigeria

Suddenly the door swings open and our paediatrician, Valentina, rushes in, a child in her arms, followed by a team of nurses...

In an area of northeast Nigeria caught up in conflict, the challenges of reaching hospital means that many children don’t arrive until it’s too late. MSF nurse Martina shares the story of one emotional day, as she and the team battle to save the lives of their young patients...




4. Dreams and detours: How I became an MSF nurse


Ji Nacanaynay working as an MSF nurse
Ji Nacanaynay working as an MSF nurse

I realised that, sometimes, you just have to go beyond the borders of your personal plans and let the world take you for a ride...

From childhood dreams to the frontline of humanitarian healthcare, Filipina nurse Ji has had a less than straight-forward path to MSF. In this personal post, she shares how she discovered the world, and herself, through caring for others.




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