Four stories from our frontline teams - March 2022

This month's highlights from the Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) blog

Search and rescue: Place of safety



How do we live in a world where it is normal that people are risking their lives simply because they still have hope?

Doctor Ayla Emminck shares the emotional events on board an MSF search and rescue ship in the Central Mediterranean, as hundreds of people saved at sea wait to be assigned a 'place of safety' after a traumatic ordeal.



War in Ukraine: My life under bombardment in Mariupol


Our lives became weaved between the bombs and missiles falling from the sky, destroying everything. We could think of nothing else, and we could feel nothing else.

Long-time MSF staff member Sasha shares his powerful and deeply personal account of surviving in the under-siege Ukrainian city of Mariupol - his hometown.



Malaria: “Hope is vital, it’s what keeps you going"


Seizures can easily be fatal if not stopped in time

After a two-day walk, a father carries his unconscious young daughter into an MSF emergency room. Paediatrician Michael shares an incredible story of survival.



Menstruation, conversation, innovation

I hope this project has shown how vital it is that menstrual hygiene is a component in every emergency response, especially with displaced people

Around the world, displaced women face challenges managing menstrual hygiene. From the Democratic Republic of Congo, medical coordinator Alain Kikwaya-Vangi shares how a simple idea being piloted with a local community could find a life-changing solution.