Four stories from the frontline of our work - July 2021

This month's highlights from the Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) blog.

Cars in Lankien

1. Tigray: Building Hibret


The MSF clinic in Hibret, Tigray
The clinic in Hibret

He gets to work with his team of labourers, equipped with wooden poles, plastic sheeting and limitless energy. They are aided by kids from the camp, desperate to be given something to carry. Everyone wants to help...

In conflict zones, whole communities often have to flee to find safety. But what happens when they arrive at their destination? Dr Rowena Neville shares a story from Tigray, Ethiopia...



2. Ebola: Preventing another outbreak in Liberia

Thankfully the test result was negative, and the patient did not have Ebola. But, given the risks of another outbreak, it was worth every effort to be sure...

After an Ebola outbreak was declared in Guinea earlier this year, epidemic surveillance was stepped in in neighbouring areas of Liberia. Rita, a nurse and infection prevention specialist, shares her experience of the effort...



3. Where the Light Enters: Reflections on the fight against COVID-19 in war-torn Yemen


The team in action at the COVID treatment centre in Aden, Yemen

Over time my heart felt, not unlike when you fall asleep on your arm, a heavy, detached limb, which you try to massage back to life

As communities around the world continue to struggle against the pandemic, Dr Khairil Musa looks back to 2020, and his time working in a COVID-19 treatment centre during Yemen’s first wave.



4. Bullets wounds, bumpy roads and bats in the bed


MSF landcruisers ready to depart towards Pieri
MSF landcruisers ready to depart towards Pieri

She’s unconscious and starting to have a seizure. Our staff quickly spring into action...

Doctor Bethany Sampson is on the road to Pieri in South Sudan, where the medical team are preparing for mass casualty events.