Four powerful stories from our staff around the world - October 2021

This month's highlights from the Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) blog

The roar, the fear, the bunker: My time at a frontline hospital in Afghanistan



In the middle of that tragedy and horror… we became a family

Nurse Gianna Falchetto returns from the city of Lashkar Gah in Afghanistan, where her team worked under extreme pressure to keep a hospital running against the backdrop of violent clashes



Nigeria: A medical emergency on the maternity ward



We rushed this woman to surgery. We keep reassuring her that she should not worry, that everything would be okay

Precious Daniel is a midwife working in Jahun, in northern Nigeria. She shares her story of teaching, learning, and a patient she couldn't forget.



“Unshakeable determination”: How MSF is helping drug users in Kenya rebuild their lives


Addiction is of course no different in Kenya – people experience the same battles with the illness, with sometimes devastating impacts on their lives.

Part of MSF’s humanitarian work involves reaching people often excluded from healthcare services. At the first clinic of its kind in Kiambu County, Kenya, one MSF team is working to provide a 'one-stop shop' for people seeking treatment for heroin addiction. Psychiatrist Lindsay Solera-Deuchar explains...



Fatima, Latifa, and the war in Yemen


In Yemen something as simple as going to the hospital when you are sick can be an odyssey

In Hodeidah, Yemen, the war means people face huge barriers in accessing healthcare. Paediatrician Mónica Costeira tells the story of one family and the challenges they had to overcome.