Four moving blogs from Doctors Without Borders - July 2019

From an emergency room in Yemen to the world's largest refugee camp in Bangladesh, here are four moving blogs from our work around the world this month...

1. Search and rescue: Six powerful stories about saving lives at sea


We will not forget you and we will not be silent

Seven months after EU governments forced us to halt search and rescue in the Central Mediterranean, we are heading back to sea to save lives on the world's deadliest migration route. As our new ship, Ocean Viking, prepares to launch, read this collection of six powerful stories from the staff who've witnessed this devastating humanitarian crisis first-hand.



2. Yemen diary, part one: The Dilemma


A tiny, emaciated arm extends beyond those blankets to shake with injustice as I stand beside, shaking my head at the same

With war raging and the economy in collapse, people in Yemen are facing increasingly impossible decisions. In this gripping blog post, Australian doctor Georgina Woolveridge comes face-to-face with the impact of this situation as her team race to save a tiny patient suffering from severe malnutrition.



3. "The love for your child is good": Mental health and the Rohingya crisis

This is one of the many times my cultural assumptions are challenged, and a reminder, amidst all the supposed differences, of our shared humanity

How do you care for people's mental health when the situation around them is so unstable? British mental health officer Alison Fogg shares this beautifully written blog post, detailing her experience of treating Rohingya people inside the world's largest refugee camp.



4. "I had never seen a child recover from this before"


She had simply squatted down beside the bed and kept her hand on some part of her daughter’s body, taking great care to keep out of the way

A critically ill young girl is brought into a remote MSF health centre. She's unconscious and struggling to breathe. To save her, British doctor Sarah Wookey and her team need two things: dedication and luck



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