Four inspiring stories from our staff around the world – April 2021

This month's highlights from the Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) blog

Tongolo: A space to talk about everything


She started to smile ... a precious moment in all the uncertainty

Psychologist Gisela writes this both heartbreaking and hopeful piece from MSF's Tongolo Centre in the Central African Republic, where counsellors are helping survivors of sexual violence to channel their inner strength and find joy.



Anka, Nigeria: Our race against COVID-19


We couldn’t have achieved this without a strong relationship with the people who live here

In a region already facing malnutrition and violence, Maryam knew that an outbreak of COVID-19 could be devastating. She shares the story of a determined team of health promoters and grassroots community action.



Not giving up: How I survived war and displacement

We lost everything we couldn’t take with us, including my father’s giant radio. Our town was burnt down and looted

Gatluak Sufarn shares his personal experience from inside Bentiu – a vast displacement camp in South Sudan that's home to 100,000 people who sought safety from the country's conflict. Here, MSF staff and patients live and work alongside each other in harrowing conditions.



“Nothing will stand in my way”: Pharmacist, student and pregnant in a pandemic

I was sure that I was doing what I wanted in both my mind and heart

MSF pharmacist Ola Barakat shares her incredible determination to follow her own path – up against stigma and stereotypes, a pandemic and the patriarchy.



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