Four great blogs from Doctors Without Borders - June 2019

From the opening of a brand new hospital in Sierra Leone, to the frontline of humanitarian healthcare in war-torn Yemen, here are four great blogs from our work around the world this month...

1. The first little lady of Kenema hospital

The first time our sweet patient started clapping and singing with the staff at feeding time, I knew that we were here for a reason

Just hours after the doors open to a brand new hospital in Sierra Leone, US nurse Amanda receives a call. The first-ever patient has arrived in the emergency room - a 15-month-old girl suffering from severe acute malnutrition. Over the next few days, as more and more patients arrive, the team work hard to bring a smile to the face of their "First little lady".



2. Yemen: "Our teams are working around the clock"


I could hear in her voice just how relieved she was that she and her son were healthy and safe after the operation

Airstrikes, landmines, a healthcare system on the brink of collapse: the gruelling civil war in Yemen continues, hitting the most vulnerable people the hardest. Alex Dunne, an Irish humanitarian affairs officer, shares the life-saving impact our teams are making amid the chaos - from delivering babies to removing bullets.



3. "I'm proud to offer these services": How we're improving women's healthcare in DRC


When I am quiet and just listen to our Congolese staff and patients, I am consistently amazed by the stories I hear

In the town of Walikale, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the MSF team have witnessed the devastating consequences that sexual violence and unsafe abortion can have for their patients. Claire, a midwife from the USA, writes proudly about her own determination to deliver the best care possible to women in need of treatment after trauma.



4. "Beneath the waters, you will find us": Life after the cyclone that killed my husband


My husband called us just before it hit to ask how we were and to tell us to be safe... That was the last time we spoke

After Cyclone Idai claimed her husband's life, a 26-year-old nurse from Mozambique knew she had to fight to both provide for her family and help her community to recover. In this heartbreaking and humbling blog, an anonymous staff member shares her powerful story.



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