Four compelling posts from MSF teams around the world – October 2020

From facing down COVID-19 in Baghdad to making a sudden change in plans to save lives, this month's posts from Médecins sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) staff give a personal insight to life in our team.

An MSF land cruiser in the Central African Republic

1. Central African Republic: First trip into the bush


Les patients dans la voiture MSF

This first outing says a lot about why I love working with MSF. We had a whole programme for the day that we changed in five minutes to save lives...

Deep in a remote area of the Central African Republic, anthropologist Dale shares his diary of one day in the field with MSF.



2. DRC: "Helping my community at all costs"


Djapan, an MSF community health worker in DRC

Four hours by motorbike later, and after making a few detours to avoid the militia, I arrived at the MSF office

What happens when violence breaks out between communities? "Djapan" is 30 years old and works as a community health educator for MSF in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He shares his experiences…



3. “May your hand thrive!”: Treating COVID-19 in Iraq

The fact that he was awake and better was a miracle for the family...

At Al-Kindy teaching hospital in Iraq, the MSF team supports the COVID-19 ward. For one patient, this had life-changing consequences. Dr Ibie Mohammed shares the story.



4. I helped to rescue people from the Mediterranean. This is what they told me


A person who has been rescued by the Sea Watch 4 looks out over the Mediterranean Sea

As I sit here now, prevented from doing my job at sea, I think of those we did not, will not, have the chance to rescue

Ilina Angelova was humanitarian affairs officer for MSF on board the search and rescue ship Sea-Watch 4 in August and September 2020. She heard numerous accounts from survivors about their experiences – in their countries of origin, on  their journeys across the Sahara, in Libya and at sea...




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