Five staff stories from our frontline teams - April 2022

This month's highlights from the Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) blog

Ukraine: “You have a medical train? I have patients for you”


These stories from these few patients – this is the story of many thousands of people

With patients needing a safe transfer to hospitals away from frontline cities, the MSF team in Ukraine began developing an innovative evacuation. Paediatrician Joanne Liu shares the story of our first medical train...



Noma in Nigeria: Ado and Ifeoma's stories



Noma survivors are just like anyone else. They have dreams. They have aspirations.

Three times a year, a team of surgical experts gather in the Nigerian city of Sokoto. They're there to perform life-changing operations for people affected by noma, a gangrenous disease which affects the face and jaw. Dr Muhammad Lawal Abubakar joints the team...



Who said he wanted a fish anyway?


When you listen, truly listen, you also hear things that you may not want to hear

In Chad, an MSF pilot project is taking a new approach to humanitarian aid by working with communities to understand unseen challenges. Project coordinator Noor tells us more…



Search and Rescue: Migrant of dreams


We can clean people's wounds, treat their ailments, but equally or more importantly, learn their names and hear their stories

Dr Ayla Emminck recently spent three months on board Geo Barents, an MSF search and rescue vessel in the Mediterranean Sea. Here, she shares her experience of a very human and at times deeply emotional assignment.


Haiti: An assignment like no other


The patients' courage was a source of motivation for our team...

A fuel truck explodes. Dozens are injured or killed. MSF surgeon Karry Jose Felix explains how a dedicated medical team assembled to save lives in a country where a weak healthcare system and instability made the consequences of the explosion even more urgent...