Five powerful eyewitness stories from our staff around the world – May 2021

This month's highlights from the Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) blog

COVID-19 in India: “We’re working to protect our community”


An MSF health promoter handing out supplies in Mumbai

We’re all part of this community and are really motivated to help as much as we can

As India faced a surge in COVID-19 cases that overwhelmed hospitals and healthcare staff, MSF launched an emergency response to help tackle the spread in hard-hit Mumbai. Leading a team of health promoters, Santosh Choure explains how we're supporting residents of the city's slums to protect themselves from the virus.



Gaza: “Night and day, what we are living through is terrifying”


An explosion in Gaza

There are a lot of needs now, especially in surgery and intensive care. The patients are women, men, children: no one is spared.

Under barrages and airstrikes, our teams in Gaza have been working 24-hour shifts to help treat an influx of trauma patients. Now, as a ceasefire is called, MSF's Aymen al-Djaroucha – who coordinates a medical project inside the Palestinian territory – shares his personal experience of the conflict.



Innovation: A new way to manage menstrual hygiene in a humanitarian crisis?


Clothes being washed by hand in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Menstruation is both a sensitive topic and an issue of empowerment, and as such it must be addressed by women and for women

Access to menstrual health supplies and information is key to women’s health and wellbeing. But, in the middle of a humanitarian crisis, these vital needs often go unmet. Nurse Chiara Domenichini introduces an innovative new project that’s aiming to find a culturally appropriate solution to this problem.



South Sudan: Plumpy'Nut and messy smiles


MSF doctor Joy Clarke examines a patient being treated for malnutrition in Bentiu camp

Whilst all the children on the ward share the diagnosis of severe malnutrition, their journeys are all very different

From a hospital in the vast Bentiu camp, doctor Joy Clarke shares the struggles and smiles of young patients living on the malnutrition ward, and the dedicated team working to help them back to health.



Malnutrition in Madagascar: Progress


Women help build the shade nets for the clinic

These few hundred grams gained back from malnutrition are an encouragement to continue our efforts and confirmation that they will bear fruit.

Madagascar's southern region is facing a nutritional crisis that's at risk of becoming a famine. Nurse Benjamin Le Dudal joins a mobile clinic on its first return trip to reach remote and rural villages at the heart of the emergency.



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