Five fantastic blog posts from Doctors Without Borders - March 2019

The stories that moved us or made us smile from the frontline of our work around the world

An MSF team try to cross a river swollen by Cyclone Idai in Zimbabwe

1 - Crossing the swamp: How we get healthcare to the people in remote South Sudan


With a fierce sun beating down and the weight of heavy backpacks, things began to get uncomfortable. Little did we know that things would get worse.

Our teams will always go the extra mile to reach patients, but it's not often through a vast and murky swamp. Melissa, a nurse from the UK, shares her epic and exhausting experience of travelling to a remote clinic in South Sudan.




2 - Cyclone Idai: “The clock is ticking in the race to save lives”

Entire families and homes disappeared under the seething mud and rock.

Marthe was working on a “quiet” project in Zimbabwe, developing a model to treat patients with multiple diseases. Then Cyclone Idai hit. In one of the first blogs from the ongoing disaster in southern Africa, Marthe writes how her team found themselves in a race against time to reach cut-off communities.




3 - Sierra Leone: Putting the puzzle together

This feels like a puzzle where we add the pieces step by step. I am both nervous and full of anticipation.

Sierra Leone has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world - a fact that Jenny, a doctor from Germany, wants to change. Together with a dedicated team, she's helping to open an innovative new hospital to save young lives.




4 - Hepatitis in Pakistan: “We don’t leave anyone behind”

Our dream is to reach out to every household in Machar Colony to eliminate hepatitis C in this area.

If you had hepatitis c, would you realise? This is the challenge facing an MSF team in Machar Colony, a crowded coastal neighbourhood of Karachi, where many people don't realise they have hepatitis C until the disease has already caused serious liver damage. Tasawwar, a Pakistani health promoter, takes us with him as his team work to empower a community with education, information and medical treatment.




5 - Feeling at home: An amazing connection in Yemen


As I left, I felt as if I had just spent an afternoon with close friends or family...

Amidst the ongoing conflict in Yemen, Finnish epidemiologist Marissa finds a pocket of familiarity when she meets a local family. In this short but personal blog, she writes about the shared humanity she discovered one afternoon on an outreach visit.