Five eye-witness stories from Doctors Without Borders - September 2019

From the Ebola crisis in the Congo to the remote corners of Papua New Guinea, our teams are working to save lives. On our blog they share what they're seeing, in order to bring you closer to crises that can feel very far away...

the msf team take the beach to reach a remote community in Papua New Guinea

1. Ebola: Letter from Biakato


An MSF health promoter talks about Ebola in DRC

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, an Ebola outbreak is spreading. Efforts to control it continue, but the highly contagious disease is still taking lives. Health promoter Oussama is part of the MSF response, working with the local community to understand their needs, priorities and fears. In this emotional post, he shares his experiences.



2. Life in South Sudan, illustrated


Illustration of a small boy with a bandaged foot

I drew because, as a non-medical member of the team, I was super curious about the work of my colleagues... drawing was my way to find my place in the hospital

In remote Aweil, the MSF hospital is the only one in a region of 1.5 million people. When architecht Camille joined the team there to lead on a construction project, she took along her sketchpad. The results were an unexpected insight into life at the hospital. In this post, she shares her experiences...



3. Papua New Guinea: Healing along the water 


Nurse Aurelie and the team take a boat along the river in Papua New Guinea

We sail between the houses on stilts in search of our patients!

Worldwide, tuberculosis (TB) is more deadly than HIV. Early detection, a strict medication regime and plenty of support for patients are all key in the battle against the disease. But for TB patients in remote Papua New Guinea, these things would be in short supply if not for the MSF outreach team.  Join nurse Aurélie as she takes us upriver to deliver life-saving care...  



4. Syria: "I cannot abandon my patients"


Illustration of Mohammad

We cannot know what the future holds because everything changes every day. The only thing that I am now sure of is that I will not give up on my work, as long as my patients need treatment.

When Mohammad fell ill and needed a kidney transplant, there was no way he could predict the path the surgery would set him on. Years later, as the conflict in Syria rages around the city he lives in, Mohammad writes about his life-saving work with Doctors Without Borders, providing vital care to people who have one thing in common...



5. The beauty of movement: Helping young minds in South Sudan


A baby sits with their mother in the MSF hospital at Bentiu camp

Some of the children began to move in rhythm to the music ... others walked or crawled, as we sweated away in the afternoon heat without any worry of why anyone of us was there

Hospital is a tough environment for any child, let alone those whose families have lost almost everything. In Bentiu, a UN camp in South Sudan, mental health specialist Margaret and the team are working with families who have lived through conflict, displacement and sickness. In this beautiful post she describes the healing potential of music and dance.




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