Haiti: The abandoned children

Anna Blideman is on her first mission as a nurse for MSF. She's working at a maternity clinic in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, that takes care of women with pregnancy complications.

The number of abandoned children in the hospital is heartbreaking.

Many people in Haiti face difficult living conditions, and parents sometimes abandon their children in hope we will find a better life for them.

Sometimes mothers don’t survive the birth, leaving behind their orphaned child.

Photo of MSF staff member with orphaned child

Daan, a member of the MSF team in Port-au-Prince, with an orphaned child. Photo: Anna Bildeman / MSF.

We try to give them as much love as we can

We try to find a solution for these children as quickly as possible; searching for the other parent, relatives or setting up adoption.

Unfortunately, it is not easy, and right now we have two children with us, one who is just over two months old and another around six months old.

We try to give these abandoned children as much love we can - we carry them, cuddle them and sometimes they may tag along with us to meetings.

This blog first appeared on the MSF Sweden site. You can read it in the original Swedish here.

N.B. Anna wrote this post before Hurrican Matthew hit Haiti. You can read about the impact of the hurrican on the maternity team in Daan's blog here.