The Bricks are Going UP!

An update on MSF construction projects on-going in Kabul and Kundaz: much needed hospitals, trauma centres, maternity units are upgraded and imrpoved. 

With the support of my very proficient project teams, we have started construction in a number of projects since late May. Hooray!

Let’s start from Kabul,

Ahmad Sha Baba Hospital

With major construction upgrades completed in 2013, only small improvement works are left for the year in this hospital. We have just completed a new small (46 sqm) Logistic Store (storage space for non-medical equipments, like construction materials, tools, small furniture, non-sensitive spare parts, etc.), and our new dining area upgrade is on its way. Although the projects are small in size, hopefully we can improve the arrangement of stock, and that finally there is a gathering space for meals for our staff.

Dasht-e-Barchi Hospital: New MSF project expected to open in Fall 2014!

This is our new project on-the-go. MSF is going to work within an existing structure, the district hospital of Dasht-e-Barchi in Kabul. We are extending the hospital services for emergency maternity care. The new MSF maternity will be focusing on emergency and complicated maternity and neonatal patients, for example, pregnant women facing complications, newborns with low birth rate. We will have a special team of experts.

Construction work in Dasht-e-Barchi district hospital in Kabul for the new emergency maternity unit.Opening this fall ! ©MSF

Ongoing construction work in Dasht-e-Barchi district hospital in Kabul for the new emergency maternity unit.Opening this fall ! ©MSF

In support of our services, we are also building a new Energy Zone (generators and fuel area), new Logistic Store, new water storage and supply system, and new Waste Zone (waste management areas for medical, non-medical, degradable, non-degradable wastes from the hospital).

The commencement of foundations works in the Dasht-e-Barchi Hospital Maternity Extension. © Dasht-e-Barchi Project

Kunduz Trauma Centre

The first major construction of a new Logistic Store has commenced in early June, and we are now reaching the roof and finishes. We have also started with our Laundry extension, to facilitate a better infection control standard with improved linen flows.

The new Pharmacy also started in late June, to support the increased quantity of medical storage and supplies with the foreseen increased bed capacity.

We will start very soon the rehabilitation works for the ICU (intensive care unit) and Laboratories, as well as the basement underneath which unfortunately caught fire early this year. The Energy Zone with a new generator house and new fuel area will also commence very soon to support the electrical upgrade of the hospital.

Besides all these, we will also be installing a new central heating system to the new wards of the hospital, which were completed end of last year with minor rehabilitation currently, and will be in use very soon.

With so many construction projects going on at the same time, all at different phases of progress, the project construction team is doing a superb job with the coordination and management of all the different Contractors, and the biggest challenge is to complete all the planned works before the winter attacks where construction will be forced to pause.

Roof erection in the Logistic Store of Kunduz Trauma Centre. © Kunduz Project

Excavation of foundations at the new Pharmacy of Kunduz Trauma Centre. 

Khost Maternity Hospital

We will soon commence the construction of the new laundry, to take over the current semi-permanent laundry housed in containers, to provide a proper and quality facility, and again, to improve the infection control standard with improved linen flows. Where the cultural awareness for separation of male and female is much more essential here, the staff flow and arrangement of caretakers’ washing area and staff washing area were planned accordingly.

The new Warehouse shall start soon as well, to increase on the capacity of logistic storage space and stock management.

Aside the construction works in the hospital compound, we are also expanding the living compound for National Staff with containers and bricks encapsulation.

Helmand Boost Hospital

The new staff carpark has been completed last month.

The ER (emergency room) extension has commenced in late May, and all is progressing well. We have reached the roof slab now and moving on with rehabilitation works within the existing structure. The project team has done a very good job in relocating a temporary ER for the time being to support patient needs. The new Maternity extension has also started a few weeks ago. A lot of complicated existing pipeline diversion works first needs to be handled before we can start with real construction of the extension.

The greatest challenge of this work is that it is in close proximity with the existing hospital and the available space for layout adjustments is very limited. The project construction team is working in close liaison with the contractor to ensure setting out is correct and normal activities of the existing hospital will not be disrupted.

The original plans for the pediatric and neonatal ICU however is meeting some administrative constraints. Despite the completion of the entire tender package, this project may need to be projected to next year, let’s see if we will have some good news soon.

Roof rebar fixing works at the ER Extension of Helmand Boost Hospital.

Setting out of grid lines and foundations of the Maternity Extension of Helmand Boost Hospital.

So we are having quite a number of constructions going on in all our projects, and with the immense efforts from the project construction teams, things are at present going well, and we are all looking forward to the completion of all of them in the near future, Inshallah! Would like to take the opportunity to extend my gratitude all my teams in projects, as well as the Technical Unit for your support and hard work all along to make all these happen!