Since I last wrote, the treatment that I’m taking has shown improvement. The drugs that I am taking are now giving me more energy. I’m very happy about this.

According to what mama said, I’m eating well. But we have little food here. That is why Mama requested money from MSF.

Before, when I was well, I could eat whatever I wanted. But now, there’s no any capacity to get that kind of food. So, I don’t have any option, I eat what I can… whatever they can give me. I still just hope to get cured, then I can do other things to get the good food that I want.

Most of the time when I wake up in the morning, I been experiencing joint pain and have not slept well. So, when I wake up, I don’t have much energy, I’m weak and cannot move around. The thing is, I feel like moving around and doing things. According to doctor, this is a side effect of the drugs I am taking and will go. That is why most of the time, if I take my drugs, I just lie on my bed. I’m tired all the time. I wish I could get up and sweep and clean my compound, but when I try, I find I just don’t have.

That kind of thing really tortures me – I keep on thinking about it. It makes me think that it will always be like this, even if I get cured. So what is the point in getting cured.

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  2. Hello Churchill,
    I am suffering from the same diseas I suffer from extreme fatigue and cronicle musclepain
    My docters say they have no medecine for it, beside painkillers I wander what you get?
    So I try to stay in movement to keep my oxigen + blood flowing I force myself to walk and bike I dance, wich is fun… and it helps, little by little
    Thinking POSITIVE is also helpfull
    Wish you good luck! … and lots of hugs and smiles!
    =) Mari Elena

    • So, it’s good, that you decided to share your feeling with others, others who are in the same situation or others who are not but can support you by giving you advices, which finaly gives you strength to survive and to have a will to overcome difficult time for being cured. I know people who were very sick and were even in worse condition but they survived and for now they can earn their bread and became healthy members of the society. Wish you health, happiness and strenth to survive. everything will be ok.

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  4. Thank you for sharing your story, Churchill. I hope that you will soon have more energy and that you will be able to do the things you want to do and enjoy the good food that you miss.

  5. Hang in there, Churchill! You’re a brave and tough man. Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us, which must be very hard to do. But I’m sure your blog will help bring in more support for MSF and its programs, so what you are doing is very important and very valuable. And your positive attitude is an important factor that will help you to feel better and stronger in the future.

  6. Churchill, I just want to offer my encouragement and wish you the best in your recovery.

  7. Dear Churchill,
    All the best with your treatment. You are extremely brave to be writing about this experience. Please know that sharing these stories is inspiring. Take hope for yourself, your future will be brighter just by continuing this treatment. My prayers are with you.

  8. By the way Churchill, I am one of the bloggers here at TB & Me. I was declared cured from XDR-TB almost two months ago. I am from the Philippines. You might draw strength and courage in facing your own battle of the disease by reading my blogs. Take care always.
    God answers prayers.


  9. Hi Churchill,

    Please don’t give up on your treatment. The weakness you are experiencing right now are just brought about by the drugs you are taking. Those are the side effects of the drugs. As you go on with your treatment you will feel better and stronger. You’re body’s system might still be adjusting on your medication. Just share with your doctors and nurses the adverse drug effects that you are experiencing so that they can monitor them. They might adjust your drug regimen if the drug combination you have are giving you so much side effects. For now, focus on your treatment. Forgot about the things that you want to do. You will have plenty of time to do all those things once you get cured. Do not lose hope.

    “When the only thing we can see is rain, sometimes it’s hard to believe the storm will ever end. But the clouds will move on and the sun will be bright again. Just because we can’t see a solution does not mean there is no solution. Trust that things will work out as they are meant to. They will.”
    -from the book “Hang in There” by Gary Morris

    • Hello Churchill,
      Thank you for writing to us, the silent many who sit in far away places wishing like you the situation in Africa today, not only in Uganda was better. Be strong, be calm and know that time may change the way you feel, and be strong for Mama who is trying as best she can. You are an inspiration to others, and we stand behind you, with hope in our hearts that you will recover, and that Africa will as well.

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