Biography: Harriet Cochrane

Harriet CochraneHarriet Cochrane is a project coordinator for MSF, currently working in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Originally from Oxfordshire in the UK, Harriet has previously worked for MSF in Niger and Uganda, as well as having field experience with Merlin and Solidarite.


6 Responses to “Biography: Harriet Cochrane”

  1. Antonina Says:

    Hi Harriet!!! Nice to see you.
    I’m in Niger but comming home soon. Madaoua is going well. The same problems, the same people. :)
    How is going in Congo??

  2. salpi warjan Says:

    hi iam intrestend in msf i wante to do reserch about it
    so do u mind ansering some of my questions
    how is like to work a away from your country?
    how do u feel when you saves lives?
    how you applied for the msf?

  3. Joharo Says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog Medicine by Motorbike. Thank you.

  4. Jennifer Colombel Says:

    Hi, just a little note to say how much i admire you and your team. i hope that you are all well and safe. oh and if you want i can send you some Marmite from New Zealand!

  5. Lashandra Tennis Says:

    interesting take on the subject, count me as a new subscriber!

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