I worked for four weeks at MSF-F Aden Hospital in Aden, Yemen in the role of Anesthesiologist/Doctor.  The Hospital provides free healthcare to victims of violence, especially due to war-related injuries. The majority of the patients have suffered gunshot wounds, knife-wounds or injuries from bomb-blasts and other explosions.

The Hospital contains approximately 55 inpatient beds plus a six-bed intensive care unit. There are two Operating Theatres which are staffed 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week for emergency surgery. Less urgent operations are scheduled from Saturday to Thursday during regular work hours (09:00-17:00). The O.T. team completed 115  procedures during my time in Aden. Surgeries included minor dressing changes, wound debridements, external fixation for open fractures all the way up to treatment of gunshot wounds to the chest, abdomen or pelvis.

The surgical team included two Orthopedists, two General Surgeons and a Vascular Surgeon; the Anesthesia Team included two Anesthesiologists and an Anesthesia Assistant. As with all MSF surgical missions I have worked in, 90% of the hospital staff are Nationals.

My role was mainly clinical (providing Anesthesia for surgical procedures and participating in ward rounds) but I also participated in Teaching Rounds and Educational Presentations on various topics for the Physicians, OT Nurses and Ward Nurses.

I also worked in Jordan in 2010, helping the surgical team there.

Mark Kostash

Nationality: Canadian
Country: Yemen
Job: DoctorAnesthesiologist