Good bye and good luck

10 August 2010

The end of a mission means writing a report of what you did and what’s left to do. But it’s also a time when I do my own self-assessment, and as before, I find I’ve gained skills outside my job description. I can catch mice with an old fashioned mouse trap (use peanuts); I’ll use the radio alphabet when spelling my last name on the phone (alpha, lima, tango, hotel, Oscar, Mike…); the key to lighting a gas heater is to strike the match BEFORE turning on the gas; I can read Russian!

Again I feel myself changed. I’m even more appreciative of small things (water pressure!), but perhaps have less tolerance for BS. I’ve been given loads of opportunities to practice patience, and I’m getting better at it. I still believe in a better world, but I’m becoming more realistic about how to get there, and how long it may take. One thing’s for certain, we can definitely go further – together.