24 Degrees

20 January 2011

January has been a marathon month of never ending data requests, summarising the project we just handed over to the Ministry of Health, summarising the last year of work, estimating how many patients we will have for the next four years, estimating how many samples the lab is going to have to process from now until the end of 2014. It’s easy to get lost in all the numbers, so I’ve tried to put them into pretty graphs and created a new project noticeboard with epidemiological updates to get people talking about the data a bit more.  This month we did an assessment of the four new districts that MSF plans to extend “Comprehensive TB care” to.  A couple of the districts had surprisingly few TB patients, while the others have many TB patients including some who have already been diagnosed with DR TB. These DR TB patients  are currently mixed in a ward with sensitive TB patients, they are now waiting for MSF to begin operations so they can be treated correctly.

It feels like I’ve been here for years, but I am almost exactly half way through my years contract. I’ve developed a pomegranate juice addiction- I find the whole process of picking out the pieces from the fruit very relaxing and the resulting small volume of juice generated (at least half an hour later) is both delicious and moreish. Interesting weather fact - one morning this week it was -14C when I got to work, but by mid afternoon it was +10C, a change of 24 degrees in one day.


My road in the cold.