Our Syria Crisis blog shares the experiences of some of our staff in Syria and neighbouring countries as they provide medical care to people affected by the ongoing conflict.
Conditions in Syria are worsening. People are suffering, not only from the direct consequences of war – bomb and bullet wounds – but also from having to leave their homes and belongings, and having their regular lives and medical treatments interrupted. To date, an estimated  7.6 million people are displaced within Syria, 3.2 million people are registered as refugees outside the country, and 200,000 people have been killed .
Despite the extremely challenging security situation – five MSF staff were abducted in early 2014, and subsequently released – MSF continues to operate medical facilities inside Syria. We also directly support more than 100 clinics, health posts and field hospitals in Syria and surrounding areas. MSF also supports medical programs for refugees that have crossed the borders of Syria into Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, and Turkey. There are currently one million Syrian refugees in Jordan alone. 
The initial focus for MSF was providing emergency and trauma surgical care in the north of the country. As the situation deteriorated, activities have extended to include basic and mental healthcare, maternal health services and measles vaccination campaigns. 
Thanks to your support our teams have performed 108,300 outpatient medical consultations and 4,903 surgeries in and around Syria since the conflict began. We have also delivered 1,800 babies inside Syria. 

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Joanne Liu

Nationality: Canadian
Country: Syrian Arab Republic
Job: Doctor


Country: Syrian Arab Republic
Job: Psychologist