Indy day

16 September 2008

today is independence day in PNG, and i got to go to my first sing sing!!!

sing sing is when people dance and sing and drum and it's excellent. first we had to sit through speeches, and all the students marching off the field in formation... but then the dancers came out. and really, there's not much i can add to the photos, besides pointing out as i should have many times before in this blog, but don't think i have, people here can be soooo kind. everytime i went up to a crowd around a dance, they would usher me to the front so that i could take see better. so i'd crouch down on the ground, next to the kids, pretty much with my butt in the mud (and oh how much mud there was), and snap shots of the dancers and drummers, while the children chose to stare at me instead. i'm not sure how i could be more interesting than the dancers, but life is funny that way.

enough talk, here are my favorite pics.