New Mountain Pharmacy

30 May 2016

Within the span of three months, I saw the transformation of an empty ward into a pharmacy ready to receive my 1,850 parcels from the International Order (IO). Location, location is what is drilled into our heads in the developed world whenever you think of setting up a pharmacy, but in the field, its space, space, space...! You want to have your stock preferably in one location with as much space as possible to ease the process of inventory, which is hardly the case here.

Five months ago when I arrived in Yida, pharmacy stock was dispersed in about five different locations. I was very fortunate to see the plan for a new pharmacy big enough to accommodate most of the medical supplies. After consolidating everything as stock for one project, New Mountain, we now have two main pharmacy buildings excluding the cold chain.

Photo: Mirabelle Adamu-Zeh

Receipt of my first international order in Yida.

There are only two pharmacy staff in Yida, so we had to hire ten additional daily workers to help with arrival of medical parcels. These guys had to off-load the plane, load the truck and drive to the MSF hospital, off-load supplies at the reception area outside the pharmacy, then systematically arrange the boxes inside the pharmacy. Due to lack of space, this IO arrived a month ago and was sitting in Juba until we finally had A/C and lights installed in our new big pharmacy. All cold chain products, psychotropics, and narcotics were sent earlier due to their sensitive state.

Photo: Mirabelle Adamu-Zeh

Nicely arranged boxes  . . . :-)

With the creation of the New Mountain project, this new pharmacy will serve as the main pharmacy for all activities. Since Yida activities are pretty stable, the focus for the past couple of months has been to expand health care services within the New Mountain.

In the meantime, this pharmacy will serve as our temporary warehouse until the arrival of shelves to further transform it into a functional pharmacy. I want to give a special thanks to my amazing pharmacy staff, Adjago and Francis, and to my favorite log team, Stephanie and Elodie, for making my work here glide smoothly.