abyei the hard way.

20 February 2007

feb 20. i leave tomorrow for abyei. i will be flying on a world food program plane at 9 am, and arrive shortly after.

most often when i mention that i am going to abyei, people are not familiar with the area. i am hungry for someone to say "abyei? wow, great place. you're lucky." once or twice this has happened. it made things a bit brighter. easier to see.

today, when i was registering at the canadian embassy, the woman answered "abyei? they are talking about abyei this week, in the government. they are going to discuss the borders. again." i suspect consensus about boundaries will be difficult to reach, and hope that the agreement on peace is easier.

the office is being locked and with it, my instant connection to the larger world outside sudan. i am anticipating it, and the focus it will provide, with my entire spirit. the story starts in earnest.

peace be with all of you.

[More Info: Sudan: Abyei Boundary Commission report]