The project I will be working on is an HIV/AIDS project located in Epworth, a suburb at the outskirts of Harare. I will work with the logistics team to keep the operations running: Basically it will be our task to ensure the medics can do their work. This means buildings need to be available and operated, water & power needs to be supplied reliably (!), communications need to work, waste needs to be treated, transport needs to be available and medicine need to be in stock at all times. Quite a job. But I am ready for the challenge and I am sure there will be lots of support!

Home for the coming year will be Harare, app. a 20min drive from the project site. We live in the house with seven: the expat team and one little boy, Leon. Five nationalities and a full mix of cultural and professional backgrounds. The house is great. The people are great. In the very short time I have been here my team-mates have made me feel very much at home already!

Fenna Snater

Nationality: Dutch
Country: Zimbabwe
Job: Logistician