MSF began operations in Am Timan in February, 2010. We work with the Ministry of Health in the main reference hospital for the district, responsible for pediatrics, maternity and a large feeding program.

As MSF projects in the notorious eastern border region of Chad are in constant threat of evacuation or closure due to the precarious security situation, the original strategy for Am Timan was to establish a long-term project in a more stable, adjacent location. While maintaining minimal operations here, we would then be able to provide medical, logistical and human resources to any emergency that sprang up, either along the border or elsewhere.

Well, with over 600 malnourished children, 60 cases of severe malaria and 100 newly birthed babies in a single month, that strategy has since been scratched. The medical needs in this region have proven far greater than first anticipated and all available resources have gone into meeting them. Because the region is stable, we are now able to expand our operations into health centres outside of Am Timan as part of an outreach program.


Nationality: Canadian
Country: Chad