19 March 2008

My tummy is tickled when a woman about to deliver her 8th child anyday now and the bambino found lying transversely across her uterus instead of head down, are pled with to go in the referral car for a c/section before she arrives at 3am and I'm helpless. She refuses so I ask her if she truly understands why we are concerned for her… and her response knocks me off my feet when she replies 'it’s cos you are a humanitarian''……where did she get this? It’s so funny that I'm laughing as I type this. Just as this word is bandied about, that you know that MSF has been here a long long time!! I double over even harder when I learn the 'Jens', the name of our expat nurse means sex in Arabic!! So calling 'Jens Jens for Prinitha' on the radio has had the staff sniggering to themselves and 'we are happy to have Jens in the project' triggered shy chuckles.

Actually we are very happy to have Jens here, he has been a wonderful addition to the team with his saccharine charm and deep appreciation for Tom Waits and Blazing Saddles alike; Rachel who I had the pleasure of working with in South Sudan and now graces me with a shared history of the Mad Strange Fools life as we know it; and thus we have matted together as Serif Umra team. This and my much appreciated, flat turned delight-FULL daily debriefings with Daniel and our little quirky budding friendship provides all the armour I need when I leave the confines and safety of the house to walk to the dispensary to attend, where I cant tell the peculiar from the aberrant or the habitual from the ordinary.