It seems that some things never change

07 March 2009

Despite the fact that, while we were moving, patients were not arriving on our doorstep and the other maternities in the city were able to absorb the increased patient numbers which included transfers
from us... despite that, we are again in a situation of being alone in our ability to function.

The general hospital doesn/t have surgical linen packs (sterile field, surgical gowns). They used them all today and they haven?t circulated out of sterilization yet. The maternity at Issaie Jeanty has multiple problems, including lack of gauze, lack of gasoline, etc., that led them to close their doors ('fermer la garde'). Choscal, in Cité Soleil, doesn't have a gynecologist; maybe one will come at 7 or 8pm. Hopital de la Paix has no water.

We have just rewritten our admission criteria. The idea is to really focus ourselves on the sickest, most critical patients. We want to save lives! But what is the point of new admission criteria if we
cannot apply them? It seems for many women, the choice is for us to keep them or for them to labour at home.

It is extremely frustrating. In particular, it?s frustrating because it's a chronic problem. Also because it seems there?s little we can do about it, except discuss and object and advocate.

I need a new index. (Floor delivery index these days is usually zero. One on Thursday) Maybe NFI Non-Functionality Index. Number of days a month that a hospital cannot take transfers. Also cNFI: continuous Non-Functionality Index, for number of consecutive days.