I am a psychologist by training and currently working for MSF as a Mental Health Officer. I work with the provision of mental health care and psychological support for victims of family and sexual violence, mainly with female patients.

When I was a teenager, my parents’ love and support gave me the courage to move away from stable and peaceful Finland out to see the world. I ended up living in South America. I got acquainted with a colourful new culture, a pulsating rhythm of life and fascinating people, but I also saw, for the first time in my life, a population in great distress, high levels violence, and people’s lack of social security and basic health care.

This was during the times MSF was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Reading about MSF’s work inspired me and I felt that humanitarian aid and advocacy would be the way for me to handle the frustration over the injustice I witnessed. A number of years, a high school diploma, a master’s degree in psychology, a four person wedding, candle light dinners, nerdy science activities and work experiences later, here I am.