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I am a family physician on my fourth mission with MSF, currently working as the Midwifery Activity Manager in Mweso, Democratic Republic of Congo.  
For the past thirty years, women’s health has been a large part of my practice, including all aspects of pregnancy, delivering babies and neonatal care.  I had longed to work with MSF as a midwife, and in 2017 I was given my first mission as a midwife working in Chad for three months.  This is my second mission as a midwife, working for six months in a very busy hospital on the eastern side of the Congo.  I work with a team of nurses, a few national staff midwives, and a team of doctors.  Our skills complement each other, as I have used my knowledge to decrease our caesarean sections, prepare the team for emergencies and improve our neonatal resuscitation.   My team has shared their skills and competencies in delivering twins, breech babies, and other obstetrical emergencies which would normally be managed by an obstetrician in Canada.  Together, our department has made significant gains in providing safe, effective care to women and babies.  
My mission in Chad was my first mission working in French, and it was a huge challenge as I dusted off my rusty French courses from over forty years ago.  I managed to pass my French test to be accepted to work in a French mission, and national and expat staff have been very supportive and encouraging as I have worked my way up from modest French heavily laced with charades, to managing reasonably well.  As a Canadian, I have wanted to be comfortable speaking our two national languages, and I am happily on my way to becoming fluent.  
My first MSF mission was for six months in Pakistan, then six months as Medical Team Lead in South Sudan, and finally as Midwife in Chad and now Democratic Republic of Congo.  
When not in the field I work as a family doctor in Alberta and Nunavut. My three adult children enthusiastically support my work with MSF. When home, we find time together hiking, canoeing, biking and skiing, sharing our mutual love of Canada’s great outdoors.