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Hi! I’m Kim, a Pharmacist from the USA. While I most recently lived in Ohio, I’ve lived all over the country. During my 25 years as a pharmacist, I have practiced as a clinical pharmacist but spent most my career in the pharmaceutical industry. I love to travel and am always up for an adventure. I chose MSF because volunteering has always been a priority for me and MSF offers the opportunity to combine my professional training with this interest. 
I am currently in Kampala, Uganda working as the PharmaCo ('Pharmacist in Coordination' - which is the leadership group for the MSF activities in the country). There are a variety of projects in Uganda which include supporting HIV treatment and helping refugees from South Sudan in the North and a focus on adolescent health and HIV in the South. 
I have completed 5 assignments with MSF which took me to Swaziland, South Sudan (twice), Gaza, and Liberia between September 2013 and December 2014. After taking some time away from MSF and returning to life in the USA, I’m back.