Bonjour. My name is Jonathan and I am writing you from my first mission with MSF. I am a medical doctor trained in emergency medicine, originally from eastern North Carolina in the USA. Like everyone from my part of the state, I am a big fan of barbecue. So you, the reader, are aware of the proper definition of barbecue, it is chopped pork with a vinegar-based sauce and anyone else who tells you different is just wrong.  

But this love did not keep me around my home, and I have travelled quite a bit, both for fun and professional reasons. I’ve picked up a few languages and hobbies. They are, in no particular order: Portuguese, Capoeira, Hebrew, Spanish, diving, and now a distinctly African version of French.  

I finished my specialty training about one and a half years ago, and while applying to work with MSF I moved to the American Southwest to do some training in wilderness medicine, take an intensive french class, and buy a Volkswagen van. Fast forward to January 10, 2017, Teresa (my van) is safely in my parents' garage and I am on a plane to Bossangoa, my new home for the next six months.  

Bossangoa is a very large project run by MSF.  It consists of supporting the operation of a hospital in partnership with the Ministry of Health, as well as supporting many district health centers and health posts in the prefecture of Ouham in the northern portion of the Central African Republic.