Hilary Onno is a resident of Vancouver, British Columbia where she works as a clinical social worker. Her areas of interest are critical care, emergency, and working with groups experiencing mental health and addictions. 

After living in rural Thailand for 2 years as a child, Hilary was hooked on travelling. She took a semester off to work in Tokyo, Japan as a lifeguard for 6 months when she was 21. After graduation she spent 3 months in Africa and 6 months in Australia. Before her Masters she hiked Machu Picchu, went to India and travelled to Turkey, Egypt and Jordan after the first Arab Spring with her husband. They took a trip to Vietnam, Thailand, and Hong Kong, and completed the Trans Mongolian Railway from Helsinki though Russia and Mongolia to Beijing. She ate her way through Italy. She’s headed to West Africa before the end of 2017, and hopefully getting to her 50th country.

When not travelling, Hilary enjoys as much caffeine as she can get her hands on. 

She is currently starting her second assignment as a mental health activity manager with Doctors Without Borders in Belarus, working in an adult MDR/XDR TB project and supporting adults to adhere to very complex drug regimes.  Her first mission was 9 months as a mental health officer in Tajikistan working on a project that treats MDR/XDR TB in children and adolescents.