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I'm a London based obstetrics & gynaecology registrar, with an interest in humanitarian emergencies and their impact on the reproductive health of affected populations.

I have returned to Sierra Leone, the country with the worst recorded maternal mortality in the world, to join a team setting-up a project supporting maternal and child health in Tonkilili. 

Together, alongside many healthcare workers who took Ebola head-on we are trying to meet the challenge of reaching women and their children so that they can have a safe birth, and training in the community to ensure a safer future.

In 2014, I worked in Sierra Leone with MSF in an obstetric referral centre. As the Ebola crisis unfurled my activities adapted alongside it. I returned to Sierra Leone in October 2014, working in Ebola Management Centres and providing support for pregnant and lactating women infected with Ebola both here and in Liberia, as well as providing hands on support and training when needed.

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