TB & Me: Human superpowers

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07 September 2017

I would like to tell about one more story. I think this is an interesting story on how a person can change under a stressful situation. It is amazing, even when I recall that I feel power inside me.

It happened when I was on treatment, at times when I was discharged from hospital. I was very weak and persistently suffering from side-effects of the TB drugs. These drugs were helping, but at the same time making inconveniences in my life. I had constant headaches; almost every day dizziness was accompanied with vomiting, pain in the bones and so on.

One day I was in the yard of our house feeling unwell, my jaw dropped from weakness. I heard a child’s howl over the gates that I even couldn’t react to. The gates opened and my four-year-old daughter bounded in with a wild shout. A huge black dog with an evil grin was running after her.

Observing the situation I grabbed the stick lying in the yard and started brandishing it at the dog, while screaming “Shoo! I said boo! Go away”. The dog stopped, stood a bit and ran back to the gates. Feeling safe, my daughter ran to me.

"Just a moment ago I was holding a stick, was active and alert, but now my previous weakness came back to me again" 

I quickly calmed down, hugged my daughter with my left arm and let my right arm relax. This was the hand that was holding the stick. My fingers opened and the stick fell onto the ground with a wallop, even my arm jerked. I was having a strange feeling, just a moment ago I was holding a stick, was active and alert (mainly because of fear and anxiety for my daughter as she was in danger and my maternal essence had woken up inside me), but now my previous weakness came back to me again. 

I cuddled my shivering, crying daughter feebly, my heart beat quickly, and all my unpleasant feelings – dizziness, nausea – returned to me. My jerked arm was painful.

My 'stick' was lying on the ground under my feet. I bent once more to lift it, but was not able even to move it. The stick was made of wood at all (usually sticks are wooden). It was heavy metallic crowbar!!! Perhaps, the heaviest and largest crowbar ever which was quite long, around 1 metre in length and weighing about 20 kgs.

Even nowadays I see that crowbar and cannot lift it. It's an interesting transformation – I have borne it in mind and often remember that situation with astonishment.

If I had run to the dog and had beaten it, I would have killed it on the spot. Luckily, the dog ran away quickly. Indeed, at that moment I was “super strong”. It appears that in critical situations, humans' hidden powers and skills are activated. A human has a vast number of these skills, we can even say that their number is unlimited. People consciously block them, reducing their influence on us, putting them into our own “cages” and building high walls of limitations etc.    

Later, I told my friend the story of the “stick”. She listened to me and said: “The metallic crowbar is not surprising in comparison with what I heard from my acquaintance. Once in a village, a woman witnessed a child being ran over a car. She ran to the car, quickly lifted the car with four passengers and a driver and got the child out from underneath, then ran back. People in the car could not recover their senses for a long time. Only after a while they started exclaiming to each other 'who was the woman? She was so strong!' But it was a small, ordinary middle-aged woman.”

Really amazing story!