06 November 2012

There has been a slight problem receiving the clofazimine in the clinic but other than that everything is back to normal again. So you know, MSF is only delivering the linezolid, we get the other meds from the government.

I’ve lost count with the negative sputum results I’ve been receiving lately. Things are looking rather promising; surely I’m close to the finishing line. Funnily enough rumour has it that I’ll be discharged from the treatment. A friend texted me on facebook asking me why don’t I share the good news. I was like "Dude what are you talking about, I have no idea what you on about." Oh well, the doctor’s haven’t said nothing yet. I’m not surprised though, I still think it’s too soon but then again they know better.

Receiving the meds at the clinic is no problem at all. I’m proud to say that they decided to give me meds for a week at a time (that is seven days). When the Sister is in charge at the clinic they will text me and say whether I need to go there and give my sputum or have blood taken.

It’s been an easy ride lately. Surely those rumours might be true, I certainly don’t know... I will just have to wait and see...

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