Happy New Year?

13 February 2013

It’s yet another year, 2013 to be specific, and entering a 4th year living and dealing with TB. Isn’t it too much already?

6 months that I thought it takes to get cured with TB but nothing happened, 2 years they said about being cured with MDR TB yet still nothing happened, now actually a year and couple of months with XDR TB yet still nothing happened as yet, but at least this time around there is hope.

Supposed to be a ‘’happy new year’’ right??, for me personally nothing happy about this year. Maybe it’s still too soon to judge it, but I’ll have to wait and see. Supposed to be on my 4th year at University right now, most of my friends are going to be graduates this year and I’m not even close to that. Guess everything happens for a reason, but for this I don’t see any reason why it have to be so damn hard. But again I guess it’s those lessons that ‘life is not easy’ but really does it have to be this hard?? Mmhhh.

Maybe it will be a happy new year, the day they say I’m actually cured from XDR (be it in June/July) for me that would be a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Oh well in December it was our year closing event for the support group, we had some fun by the beach and everything was allowed. It was nice, two inpatients from Lizo Nobanda also tagged along, all in all we had fun.


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