About David

David Lauter is a surgeon based near Seattle WA, USA where he has practiced general surgery for 20 years.

He has three teenage children and three cats; the former live with him half the time while the latter are full-time residents.

He is currently on his second assignment with MSF, in Rutshuru, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Read his blog from his first MSF assignment in Paoua, Central African Republic, here.

6 Responses to About David

  1. Dave Thompson says:

    Hi Dr. Lauter,

    I enjoyed reading your blog, and was impressed by how well you adapted to the conditions, surgical challenges, culture, and conditions. You compassion for the people is evident. I’ve spent the last 35 years in Gabon, so much of it sounded familiar. For the past 15 years I’ve been involved in surgical education at mission hospitals in Africa, which has been equally gratifying. MSF’s contributions are significant, and have done much to raise awareness.

  2. Harvey Hawes says:

    Hi David,

    I read your blog with great interest… I’ve just been accepted to go out with MSF Canada. I appreciate all the detail regarding daily life and the breadth of surgical disease you faced. I’m very happy to have come across your blog.

    I’m a trauma trained surgeon from Canada. I just completed my trauma fellowship in Houston and am looking to build an international component into my surgical career. Though this will be my first experience as a surgeon in the field, I did spend some time abroad as a medical student (obviously very different).

    I have about a thousand questions to ask, but probably should re-read your blog, and the “kit” provided first. If you have access to my email address, I’d like the chance to talk more.

    Great work! Maybe I’ll see you in the field some day.


    Harvey Hawes

  3. God bless you on your journeys in Africa. I look forward to your blog posts. We have been given such blessings in life in the US. I greatly admire your (as well as the other healthcare workers) compassion for humans in need.
    Arleen McCann

  4. Abe Ellenberg says:

    David: Did you attend Roeper school in Michigan in the 1960′s? If so I was a classmate of yours, and I am extremely proud to see you working for MSF, an organization I have been supporting for years (with $$, not the devotion that you are exhibiting!).

    Abe Ellenberg

  5. Tripp Eaves says:

    Dr. Lauter I am impressed! Help as many as possible and keep yourself safe and healthy. Look forward to having you back upon completion of your work.


  6. Cathy Whitaker says:

    Elizabeth has share your significant and early contributions to the people you are serving. We are thinking of you and keeping you in our thoughts. Best wishes for a wonderful and safe experience.
    Cathy & Alan