About the Afghanistan blogging team

Kimberly Sudheimer – Doctor

Kimberly is a paediatrician and is currently working as a paediatric supervisor at Boost Hospital in Lashkar Gah, Helmand province. Boost is one of the only two functioning referral hospitals in southern Afghanistan. MSF started to support Ministry of Public Health to work in the hospital from 2009 to help improve the provision of medical care in various departments, including maternity and paediatrics.

Kimberly is from the USA. She studied music at an undergraduate level but then went on to study medicine in Ohio and South Carolina, when she worked as a paediatrician.

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Tomáš Šebek – Surgeon
Tomas Sebek MSF surgeon
Tomas joined MSF a couple of months after the Haiti earthquake in 2010. He then did two missions in the country as general surgeon and orthopaedic surgeon. Recently he has started to work in the Kunduz Trauma Centre in northern Afghanistan. The trauma centre specialises in providing free and high quality surgerical care for victims of general trauma like traffic accidents, as well as those with conflict-related injuries, from bomb blasts or gunshots.

Tomas is from the Czech Republic. He graduated from Charles University in 2002 with a medical doctor diploma and now works as a general surgeon consultant in Prague Municipality Hospital of St. Francis. Tomas has acquired his general surgery experience in a couple of hospitals in the Czech Republic. In 2012 he worked for Mater Misericordiae University Hospital in Dublin as an orthopedic surgeon at Irish National Spinal Unit.

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Astrid Rombaut – Logistician

Astrid Rombaut, MSF logistician

Astrid Rombaut, MSF logistician

Astrid Rombaut, 26, arrived Afghanistan in December 2012 and is currently working as Flying Supply Support for the mission. Her role is to ensure and improve the supply of all the medical and non-medical items to all the MSF projects in Afghanistan.

Before joining the Afghanistan mission, she worked for six months as logistician in Haiti, and also as a trainee with MSF Supply in Belgium. Astrid is from Caen in Normandy, France.

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Stefan Kruger – Doctor

Stefan Kruger

Stefan joined MSF in 2012 and is currently working in the Emergency Department of MSF’s Kunduz Trauma Centre. The hospital is the only one of its kind in northern Afghanistan, providing high quality and free surgical care to victims of general trauma as well as those with conflict-related injuries from bomb blasts or gunshots.

Stefan is from South Africa and qualified as a doctor from the University of Cape Town in 2007. He has previously worked in state and private hospitals in South Africa and also in the UK.

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Georgann MacDonald – Nurse

MSF nurse

Georgann MacDonald, MSF nurse

Georgann MacDonald, a Nurse Practitioner from Canada, has extensive experience in the Emergency Department and flight medevac.

Before joining MSF, she worked as Family Nurse Practitioner. She started her first mission with MSF in Dec 2012 to work in Boost Hospital, Lashkar Gah, Helmand province, Afghanistan. She is responsible for the female in-patient ward, Emergency and also the out-patient departments.
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Ben King – Logistician

Ben King, MSF Logistician

Ben King

Ben is the Biomedical Referent for Afghanistan, and his main task is to make sure all medical equipments in the four hospitals where MSF works are up and running.

When not on mission he works designing and building prototype medical equipment for organ transplants half of the year and travels all around the world by bicycle the other half. Ben grew up in New Zealand where he studied mechanical engineering.

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Benoit De Gryse – Country representitive

Benoit De Gryse, MSF country manager

Benoit De Gryse

Benoit De Gryse first joined MSF in 2005, working on a mental health project for displaced people after the tsunami in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. He continued to work with MSF on various mental health projects in Indonesia, Haiti and Brussels, before in 2008 returning to Indonesia as Project Coordinator of the response to the Sulawesi earthquake.

In 2009, Benoit moved to Pakistan to lead an access to healthcare project in the northwestern Malakand province. He returned again in February 2010 as MSF Country Representative in Pakistan, a position he held for a year and a half, overseeing medical projects in Malakand, Swat, Lower Dir, Karachi Districts and various emergency response projects during the floods in 2010 and 2011. Benoit is currently MSF’s Country Representative in Afghanistan where he is leading a team of 80 international staff and more than 1200 local colleagues to provide medical assistance to the population in four project locations.

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Lara Jonasdottir – administrator


Lara Jonasdottir, MSF administrator

Lara Jonasdottir is originally from Iceland and her background is mainly in the public service and media. She is now on her first mission with MSF in Afghanistan where she is responsible for administration and finance for the Ahmad Shah Baba hospital in eastern Kabul.

Before joining MSF she worked for the Embassy of Iceland in Norway.

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10 Responses to About the Afghanistan blogging team

  1. Afsar says:


    I had the honor to work with MSF in Afghanistan between 2001 to 2003, MSF is one of those humanitarian institutions that helps people and provides medical assistance regardless of anything. It is nice to see MSF operating again in Afghanistan. I am looking forward to work as a volunteer with MSF in Afghanistan. I am an Afghan and living in Afghanistan.

    Thank you MSF

  2. Dr. M.Hasan says:

    Really one of the best humanitarian organization all over the world very glad having MSF in Afghanistan too I Love to be apart of this organization of humanitarian………….. I have been shortlist in MSF Afghanistan kunduz as Medical ER hope to get this job with success………..

  3. hassin says:

    my name is hassinrahman (qazi zada) from helmand lashkargah
    i studying medic at boost university
    i want to have job in MSF

  4. Volker Lankow says:

    hi gul khan,
    nice to read you here! Very good that you are still with MSF. Hope everything is going well. Just want to send you some greetings. Stay in touch.
    Greetings from a warm Berlin and your first boss in Boost Hospital,

  5. Nasim ullah says:

    nasim wants to get job with msf and i con spike english dari pashto and alitle bet ordo please
    nasim ullah from khost

  6. Eva Cowtan says:

    I am not replying to the posts but the nurse, Georgann MacDonald looks like a woman I knew in Calgary and was good friends with. I am wondering if this is her and if so I want to commend her on what she is doing!!

  7. Zani Prinsloo says:

    What an amazing overview of the projects in Afghanistan!!!! I am super happy and proud to be a part of the Khost Maternity project, even more fortunate to be supported by such an ambitious HOM Benoit!!! May the odds be ever in our favor!!!!!

  8. Gul khan says:

    Gul khan first joined MSF in Nov-2009 as Field Coordinator assistant with MSF, in the beginning with MSF I was very nervous, if people see me working for foreigners I will receive threat from Taliban, days after new national staff were joining MSF we were discussing the same fear all the day long. When MSF start to resuscitate 55 years old traumatized hospital with no hope to stand and walk,as per hospital start to grow up and improved the community start to believe on hospital supported by MSF an Organization ,Neutral,Impartial,Independent treat patient without discrimination.

    Now Al HAMD-U-LILAH (All praises for Allah) Bost Provincial Hospital is one of the life saving symbol in the south of Afghanistan, Helmand MoPH and population are proud of MSF.saving life of one person mean saving life of the whole humanity (says Holy Quran) now hospital have well functioning human body work shop. Very happy to see the MSF Blog for sharing MSF activities in Afghanistan. Thanks Gul khan

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