I’m sinking fast

A wedding though is and should be all about joy, communing, fusion of families and elated feasts. Here gunshots mark the misery instead of celebration and they certainly did that for the Friday family riddled with bullets- 2 who died, 2 with minor injuries and the 13 year old girl with a gunshot right dead centre between her eyes into her budding brain. I feel like shouting out loud against the injustice and I feel like swearing this family who shot their little girl. I feel like saying the cruellest things… cruelty is a touch of hardness that comes from drowning in the worst of sorrows. I’m sinking fast. No counsel leads to comfort as our collective heads dips and our collective pain tremors. I wish someone can pilot away  all the pain in the world.

4 Responses to “I’m sinking fast”

  1. Keith Barrett Says:

    Hello Prinitha

    Just a short note to say that I regularly read your blog and I admire everything you are doing in Darfur.

    Please keep up the good work.

    Lots of Love


  2. Taryn Says:

    I think i met you at movies in Rosebank with Will. I really, really admire what you are doing. I wish I was as brave as you are and that I could influence as many people as you do daily. I know its probably hard… but its amazing.

  3. Benjamin Ugbe Says:

    Short and powerful piece.Reminds me of my time in Pakistan/Afghanistan:6 very longs years of constant fear and terror…….listening to gunshots and other weapons,and seeing the effects in the clinics or news……Yes,sometimes we wish the cruelest things happen to those who cause so much harm,destruction and mayhem,especially to innocent souls!
    Welcome Prinitha.Your writings are inspiring.

  4. Barefootmeds Says:

    Your blog keeps me motivated. Strange, how reading this makes me decide NOT to quit medschool. What you did for Darfur is amazing. I do hope that you have been debriefed and that you are doing well.

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