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  1. Nathalie McIntosh Says:

    Mel- good to “see” you, although I enjoy your writings and hope you have more time to write as well. Sounds like there are a lot of challenges, but some bright spots too.


  2. Lorna Says:

    Mel! Hi! Your Video is a wonderful idea! It was good to see you, and the visual perspective was much appreciated. It’s good to see you looking well.

    I don’t know how quickly you receive Toronto centric news over there, but today was a sad day for Toronto, and indeed Canada. William Hutt passed away from leukemia this morning, he was 87 years old.

    On a brighter note, I’m off on vacation for a week. Nowhere as exotic and challenging as your current location, I might add. I am just crossing the border and going down south to Miami.

    We have another weather watch in Toronto this evening; a severe storm is blowing in but it is only expected to be around for a few hours. The intense heat we are experiencing has been around a bit longer than that though. We have had three days of approximately 35 Celsius weather; and about 40 Celsius with the humidity. Fortunately tonight’s storm is going to wash that all away. But for a very short while we shared a very miniscule side of your Lagos experience –namely the heat and the smog. But not for one moment am I trying to equate our life of luxury to the miserable conditions that we see on your video.

    The suffering is very real where you are. Thank you for sharing it with us so that we can have the opportunity to do something about it, no matter how small.

    Well! While you are in sunny Lagos, I am leaving sunny Toronto for a few days in sunny Miami. Keep on trucking, Kiddo!

  3. Jacky Says:

    Very interesting – still enjoying the blog. The video blog is a great idea, and gives us a ‘real-life’ sense of things. Keep it up!

    Jacky (Mel’s sister)

  4. Tracy C Says:

    hello Mel,
    Your blog is intersting and the video clip good but any chance you can take the camera down to LGH and let us see some footage of the clinic and the hospital? I was in the team 2003-2005 when we designed and built the clinic and pharmacy and I’d love to see how things look now. Take care there and keep up the great work.

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