Talking and tea

Yesterday one of the midwives who worked in Seleia appeared at the office in El Genena. I sat with her and drank tea. It was difficult to have a sensitive conversation with her through translation considering the circumstances. Also, she did not want to talk very much. She briefly explained her story of suddenly becoming an IDP (an “IDP” or “internally displaced person” is someone who has had to leave their home, but is still within their country of origin. In comparison, a “refugee” is a displaced person who has crossed a political/national border into another country). Her story confirmed some of the rumors I have heard: Having to travel for days at a time on foot, having to retrieve buried food and the danger she faced in Seleia. She also spoke of the other staff members coming to El Genena. I hope I get a chance to see my co-workers again – we can get together, buy a sheep, eat it, and try to forget about misery for a little while.

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  1. Launi Says:

    Dear Kevin,

    You don’t know me. I am a nurse in Winnipeg. I’ve been on the MSF website before, but today I read your blog. I am glad your insight is so raw. I am glad you see and feel the struggles of the Sudanese and their relationship with humanitarian aid. I’m glad you don’t see yourself as a hero and that you speak honestly. Your comment about becoming new each day and forgetting the deaths of past shifts was a poignant comparison. I hope you bought your sheep and ate it, if not I hope something else overcomes that misery.

  2. MOM Says:

    hi Kevin,
    I’m glad you sat with that lady and drank tea. Words weren’t necessary but your presence and compassion were….that’s what she needed most….someone to sit and drink tea with. How very sad all this is for those wonderful people…I hope they find joy in their lives somewhere along the way.we’re praying for you and for them Kev. God Bless

  3. Amy Says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I think of you often and each time i read your entries i am even more inspired by your stories, your resilience & your ability to bring all of the news headlines down to a personal level. Thank you for continuing to share your experiences with us!! Miss you & look forward to your next stop in Whoville ( ;

  4. anel Says:

    hi kevin….your birthday is coming up soon….
    may you have a wonderful time…

    ps…it is time you come home!!!!!

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