New Beginnings in Nigeria

After Chris’s end of mission in Papua New Guinea, he has decided to take on a new challenge by working as the logistician for MSF’s Nigeria Emergency Response Unit. The NERU as it’s known in MSF, specializes in sending its emergency team, composed of doctors, nurses and logisticians, to respond to epidemics in the northwestern states of Nigeria. Chris arrived in Nigeria in July 2010, and will be working as part of the NERU team for the next year.

2 Responses to “New Beginnings in Nigeria”

  1. Tad Hynes Says:

    Do you know a young lady by the of Anita Banks working with you in Nigeria?

  2. ChrisH Says:

    Tad – no, sorry I don’t. Three of the five MSF sections are here, so there is quite a large team.